Anniversary Menu

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sunday (May 30th)! Yay! This is how Bee acknowledged the occasion.

In case you can’t read it, it says, “I think something important happened today…”

Those who know us may realize that the first year of marriage wasn’t quite what we had been expecting. Due to the pitiful economic times, Bee was without steady employment throughout our entire engagement and all but the last few weeks of our first year of  marriage. We are happy to report that Bee is now gainfully employed as an engineer, as it should be! It was a stressful year, but we have to say that we are incredibly happy and have learned a lot from the last 12 months. Would we want to do it again? Probably not.

Due to our tight budget we very rarely eat out, as we did quite frequently while we were dating. It should be mentioned that Curly loves to cook and Bee is very fond of the food that she makes, but sometimes a person just doesn’t feel like cooking. When that’s the case, the Ivar’s Salmon House Fish Bar comes in very handy (you must get the salmon and chips). It’s one of our favorites. Along with Red Mill Burgers and University Teriyaki and Zeke’s Pizza and Pagliacci Pizza. Oh, and don’t forget Serious Pie.  Mmm… they are Seattle classics. (We’ll put links to the sites at the end of the post. Just in case you’re looking for some good food.) We should mention that Bee’s parents will occasionally treat us to take-out, which has been a fun way to spend time with them (we pick it up and take it over to their house). So we are not completely deprived.

We’ve gotten quite used to eating normal food here at our cute little house, and find now that fast food (or restaurant food in general) doesn’t always leave one feeling one’s best. Home cooked food is just better. That being said, we ended up celebrating our anniversary by eating out three times in 24 hours. It was not planned, it just kind of happened. Curly didn’t feel like cooking dinner on Friday, so we decided to splurge a little and go to Red Mill for our favorite burgers. Then the next morning we decided to go out for brunch to officially celebrate our anniversary at the neighborhood cafe we ate at the day after we got married. It’s this great little joint called The Dish Cafe (on Leary Way in Seattle – sorry, no website). The food there is amazing. Bee is in love with their sausage gravy. It’s a unique place, in that you write your name and the number in your party on a clipboard that hangs outside the door, and then you just wait outside until they come out and call your name. There’s usually quite a crowd outside, drinking the complimentary coffee, waiting for tables. It’s fun.

Later in the day, Bee’s mom asked if we wanted to pick up some fancy take-out and have dinner with them to celebrate our anniversary. Absolutely, we did! We decided on Thai food from Marlai, because it’s so good. It’s the best Thai food we’ve found in Seattle. Everything on the menu is good, but we especially like the fried rice, chicken sate with peanut sauce, orange beef, and halibut. And to top it off, the people who work there (own the place, perhaps?) are so sweet and the service is incredible. Dinner was delicious that night!

Needless to say, Curly and Bee have been eating home-cooked food for the past two days. While we enjoyed every one of those three meals on Friday and Saturday, we’re just not used to eating out that often. That being said, we’re probably not going to turn down an offer for really good food that Curly doesn’t have to cook.