Reason for Visit: Laceration (cut)

Bee works for a company that makes specialty knives and multi-tools (he’s a mechanical engineer). When he started back in May, his coworkers all told him it was just a matter of time before he ended up with a cut severe enough to warrant stitches, and he laughed if off. He’s a pretty careful guy.

He has since come home with Band-Aids on his hands on various occasions, but nothing serious.

Until Monday.

He walked into the kitchen when he got home from work and told Curly he had visited the emergency room that afternoon, leaving with 2 stitches in his finger and a tetanus shot in the other arm. He had been testing machetes, and one went through the sheath and continued into his pinkie. It’s a pretty deep cut, and goes all the way across his finger. Frankly, Curly was surprised it required only 2 stitches, but the ER doc appears to have done a very good job of closing it up.

Sigh. And so it begins.