Smile, dang it, you’re at a wedding!

On Saturday we attended the wedding of Curly’s youngest brother. It was nice to have so much of Curly’s family together, since it happens so rarely (she comes from a family of 7 kids). We were missing the oldest sister, who couldn’t make the trip over from across the Atlantic ocean, and one spouse who just had a baby and didn’t feel quite up to a trip up from California (she kept their baby home with her and sent Curly’s brother to the wedding). Not bad, huh?

The wedding was lovely, and the reception was quite a fun event, as it was held on a retired ferry boat that resides in Lake Union. The bride had the amazing idea of having a photo booth at the reception, so guests could have pictures taken for the guest book (and take a copy of their individual photos home as a souvenir). So fun!

Here are just a few of the many photo strips of (some of) Curly’s family. Sorry for the weird placement – photos do not always go where they are told to.

The groom and bride.

Bee and Curly. This is a scenario that plays out in our house quite often.

Curly with 5 of her siblings.

Curly’s parents.

Curly’s nieces.