Villains of Seattle, Beware.

The two little girls that Curly takes care of like to wear capes when they play sometimes, and usually the capes are  made out of baby blankets tied around their necks. The 4-year-old (A) is really into super heroes at the moment, and even got a Wonder Woman costume for Christmas. It’s pretty dang hilarious to see her all decked out in her little shorts and cape. She also got a little book that came with a long red cape, paper masks and wrist bands, so she can change things up a bit.

Curly got a sewing machine for Christmas, and she’s been on the lookout for simple projects to improve her sewing skills.

On Monday while the girls were playing, Curly decided that the 2-year-old (E) should have a proper cape so she mentioned to the girls that she could make one for her, and of course A had to have a new cape if E got one. She found a simple pattern online on a random blog (, and on Wednesday Curly and the girls went to the fabric store to pick out material for the capes. E decided on stars pretty quickly, and A wanted just about every random fabric she saw. Fairies, Boy Scouts, a random nautical theme with anchors and rope, and finally the Cat in the Hat (not very super hero-like, but she was very excited about it).

Here are the the finished capes.

This is the 2-year-old’s star cape.

This is the 4-year-old’s Cat in the Hat cape.

Curly even got to play around with the decorative stitches on her machine. She finally settled on this one. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo, but it’s quite cute.

Villains of Seattle, take cover. There are two new super heroes in town.