Moving In

With the honeymoon over we promptly moved into our new place.  No really, after an 8-hour drive we jumped out of the car and into the moving van and moved into our new place.  It was a long day.

We love our little house, and feel very blessed to have found a place that suits us so well! Hopefully we can stay here for quite a while.

The wood floors were pretty beat up so Bee decided to clean and re-wax them (even though we just rent the place). His favorite part of the floor is a quarter inch deep scrape that careens across the entire floor to end in a square foot patch of zig-zagged scars in the floor. Obviously this was an artistic endeavor performed by a previous tenant.

Another issue that we discovered is that the pathway leading down to the basement (which is where our laundry is) was almost completely devoid of light. After a few months of fumbling with a flashlight while doing laundry, Bee decided that it was time for a better solution. He rigged up some lights with a wireless control that we keep upstairs by the front door. It works very well!