Ultrasound Pictures of Baby

I had my first (and hopefully only) ultrasound this morning to look at the baby and make sure everything is normal. I wasn’t going to have any ultrasounds, but since we’re not doing a hospital birth we wanted to rule out placenta previa, which would make a natural birth out of the question. We also checked to make sure that there is enough amniotic fluid, etc.

At 21 weeks Baby is right on track and I appear to be having a very normal, healthy pregnancy. Our baby is very active (which I already knew), but managed to hold still for several good photo ops. The ultrasound technician was very sweet and patient! She said that in her experience babies that move around a lot feel good (meaning they’re healthy), which is nice to know.

Here are a few pictures that Bee and I got to bring home from the ultrasound office.

Two profile shots. No, we are not having twins. I just liked both pictures.



Baby’s right hand.


Baby’s feet.