In the Wee Hours of the Morning

A month or two ago I was talking to a friend and she told me that during her third trimester of pregnancy her “morning sickness” came back. She was completely blindsided by that turn of events, as it is usually assumed that the nausea is confined to the first trimester. I silently hoped that my own “morning sickness” (put in quotes, because as we all know it is not confined to just the morning) would not come back.

Sometime during this past week, at 26 weeks pregnant, I started to feel slightly queasy in the mornings. Crap! After a brief bit of investigating, I discovered that many women begin to feel queasy again right around the 27th week. Although I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did for the first 18 weeks of pregnancy, it’s a little discouraging to be going through this again.

It is now 4:17 on Sunday morning, and I have been up for an hour and a half. Having woken up at 2:45 needing to use the bathroom (a nightly occurrence over the past six months, although I usually make it to about 4am), I was unable to get back to sleep due to the uneasy feeling in my stomach. So I got out of bed again to eat a snack, knowing that should solve the problem or at least make it a little better.

I took the opportunity to catch up on blogs of family and friends, which I love reading, and am now hoping that I will be able to get a few more hours of sleep before it’s time to get up for church.