Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mom and sister-in-law threw me a baby shower. My sweet sister-in-law, Courtney, knew that the vast majority of my family and friends won’t be able to make the trip over the mountain pass in January or early February to attend a baby shower here, so she asked if I would like one while we were all at my parents’ for Thanksgiving, since most of the extended family is there. I readily agreed and my amazing mother sent out invitations, provided the house, and prepared all the food.

It was great to have a chance to see so many of the women in my family and eat the delicious quiche that my mom made fresh that morning. Our baby is already spoiled by all the wonderful gifts he or she got at the shower. Homemade blankets, burp cloths, nursing pads, scrap books, and puppets. Some of my favorite children’s books, clothes, a gift card, diapers, a cloth diaper cover (I’ll be buying more with the gift card), nail clippers, diaper cream, a play mat, and just for good measure a sweet figurine for me.

Thank you to everyone!


All the gifts were amazing and thoughtful, but I have to point out one in particular. I have very fond memories of playing with the adorable little animal finger puppets my aunt crocheted for me and my siblings when I was quite young (she may have made them before I was even born). I was so touched when I opened the gift from her and found a cloth bag filled with a set of 16 finger puppets. She also gave me the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and pointed out that there is a puppet for every animal in the book!


I also have to point out the wrapping job that one of my brothers did for the gift he and his wife gave us, which he was quite proud of. He said it would probably be the best-wrapped gift there. Note the brown paper and use of duct tape. It was perfect. And sitting next to me is the aunt that made the finger puppets.